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Jerolyn Lockhart is a poet, writer, and stroke survivor. She authored a poetry volume entitled Egrets Rise, and her work has appeared in such publications as Chinook, Brazos Gumbo, and Devotions for Writers. Jerolyn previously blogged for Six Rural Writers. She has written and performed seasonal works for radio.

When not writing in her cottage or with writer friends at the local Dairy Queen, Jerolyn enjoys time with family, time in God’s word, and can be counted on as a faithful prayer warrior. 

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  So often we overlook the unsung people in our churches who help us in our Sunday morning worship. They spend their time, talents, and energies, yet blend into the services and classrooms as we focus on our Lord God. But once a year, the church I attend has an Appreciation Day for those who help us in our Sunday worship. This year I was privileged to present a poem I wrote especially for the occasion. May it bless you as well.     IN APPRECIATION Jerolyn Lockhart   Each week we more
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“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn…”   This phrase from a beloved Christmas carol keeps playing in my spirit this Christmas.   With a thrill of hope, this weary one rejoices…   I’m celebrating today because my father is still with us. A year ago this month, Dad entered a health care facility after a health crisis left him in need of nursing care full time. That he is alive is a miracle. This past year more
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  Look to the past as a primer for old age. The mistakes and the moments of perfection, the sins and redemption for those who know Christ, the different stories of others and how they marked their perceptions in life. This past year has been a time of seeing others in new ways, of seeing them through the eyes of new understanding. As my sisters and I were tending to my dad’s care and household affairs, we shared our stories and emotions while we shared in the division of my dad and mom’s earthly more