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About My Fathers' Business
Thursday, April 28, 2022 by Jerolyn Lockhart

That's not a typo…I finally realized that this time of taking care of my earthly father's business is also going about my heavenly Father's business. In taking care of my dad, I'm taking care of God's child. What a thought!

It's hard to imagine my dad as a child, he was so tall and strong with authority in his voice and manner, but since he developed health problems that requires nursing home care, I can easier see him as a child of God. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I understand that we are children of God, but this is my dad; my once strong dad who would carry me on his shoulders, who worked so hard he didn’t have much left for his family when he was home. How very different it is now that he has aged and his body is failing him; he is a gentler man than I knew. His walk with the Lord has brought him to a point of contentment and acceptance in his circumstances, and he is becoming more like the Jesus he's waiting to see.

My two sisters and I have been taking care of our dad's estate. Three of us sorting through things and getting ready to sell the house; two of us taking care of the finances and paperwork; one sister heading it up. It's worked well and we've worked well together. We're taking care of our father's business and in doing so, taking care of The Father's business…taking care of His child.


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