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Heading Into Fall
Monday, October 2, 2023 by Jerolyn Lockhart

October—school in session, football season in bloom, cool mornings, and today we have a gentle rain; yes! This is my time of year—not so hot, not yet cold, but just right. Soon the leaves will be turning to their yellow and rust colors in my area, while the gold and copper leaves of the aspen highlight the mountain regions. Such a beautiful time of reflection, and for me, renewal. Autumn suits me. The rich earth colors, the study of God’s creation in different light, quiet days of reading and writing with a splash of excitement to break up any monotony. 




I am autumn.

Adorned in rich bronze,

Deep wines,

Subtle threads of

Burnished gold.


I am autumn.

The sound of the forest as

Streams ripple,

Elk bugles,

Pines whisper.


I am autumn.

The smells of time

In morning fog,

Musty earth,

Burning leaves.


I am autumn.

Days of preparation

For the fallow time,

Gathering the bounty of

Summer’s growth.


I am autumn.

Days of reflection,

Blessed with God’s provision,

Warm with familial love,

Mirrored beauty of God’s love.

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Lynn Allen From Colorado At 10/18/2023 5:19:56 PM

love your stuff. so glad you are writing.

Reply by: Jerolyn Lockhart

Thank you, Lynn! I appreciate you stopping by.

Patti Shene From SE Colorado At 10/5/2023 10:44:28 PM

Lovely poem, Jerolyn! After reading your blog, I'm almost ready to put autumn ahead of winter as my favorite season. I said almost! LOL! Thank you for sharing your talent with your readers! Blessings, my friend!

Reply by: Jerolyn Lockhart

Thank you so much, Patti. Let's see how this winter goes and then you can get back to me on your favorite season. ;-) God bless you!


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