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In Appreciation
Friday, July 7, 2023 by Jerolyn Lockhart


So often we overlook the unsung people in our churches who help us in our Sunday morning worship. They spend their time, talents, and energies, yet blend into the services and classrooms as we focus on our Lord God. But once a year, the church I attend has an Appreciation Day for those who help us in our Sunday worship. This year I was privileged to present a poem I wrote especially for the occasion. May it bless you as well.




Jerolyn Lockhart


Each week we come into God’s house
In expectation, though unaware,
Of all the preparation that is
Done with loving care


The artful decorations
Take time to get just right,
To please the eye, and also God,
And help to show His light


Musicians practice through the week,
The singers practice, too,
They help to draw us closer
To our God who’s ever true


Pastor studies diligently
God’s wisdom to impart;
He searches Scripture and his soul
To teach with his whole heart


Teachers prepare lessons for
The students young and old,
To help them understand God’s Word;
And pray it will take hold


In the back are experts
For overheads, video, sound;
Their technical ability
Help spread God’s Word around


Those who handle church finance
Are diligent and true
Our tithes are safe, the bills are paid;
And cares for others, too


To all the faithful servants of
The Lord, each in your own way,
We thank you and we bless you
On this Appreciation Day


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Gwen From Texas At 7/12/2023 9:20:11 PM

Very sweet poem! Good reminder to consider all the preparation done to make church pleasant and orderly before the masses arrive. Good work, dear friend!

Reply by: Jerolyn Lockhart

Thank you, Gwen! God bless you, my friend.


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