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Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
Saturday, June 18, 2022 by Jerolyn Lockhart

How can you tell your father how much he means to you on this one day of the year when he is honored? When we were young, he usually got ties, cologne, or something homemade along with a card. Mom fixed his favorite meal (which was in the oven while we went to church) and promised cake and ice cream for supper. As we all got older the gift giving was more difficult, there’s only so many ties a guy needs, and Dad had what he wanted and didn’t really collect anything. This year gift giving is even harder, as my dad is in a nursing home where his needs are met, and his wants are not of the physical kind. We will visit him and give him a card, and hopefully the weather will be nice enough to get him outside the facility. Just spend some time with Dad, that’s as simple as it gets, and more precious than we realized when we were younger.


I do have something to tuck into Dad’s card that will make him smile. Want to peek?



Jerolyn Lockhart


I am a whistler’s daughter,
I whistle right in stride;
I whistle when I’m working,
I whistle with great pride.
I whistle ‘cause I have to,
It's so ingrained in me;
It's a product of my soul, my heart,
A symbol that I’m free.

My father was a whistler too,
And his father before him;
And all the fathers long before
Were whistlers before them.

They whistled while in Ireland,
Tending their garden patch;
And whistled as they tended sheep
On Scotland’s highland paths.

We whistled back in early times
When all the world was new.
Our father, Adam, whistled much
As the garden ‘round him grew.
He whistled when he saw his Eve
And eyes lit with delight.
He whistled when he walked with God
And strolled off in the night.

With all that God created,
With everything brand new,
I wouldn’t be surprised to learn
That God’s a whistler, too!

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