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God Will Use It
Tuesday, January 25, 2022 by Jerolyn Lockhart

Well, once again I was surprised by what came out of my mouth! Not anything mean or offensive, but something I hadn't expected to talk about, especially to an audience. After all, this was for a podcast with my friend Patti Shene, and we were having a wonderful time. This was something I had never even told her about, and it was definitely not something she was expecting, either! This was a recorded conversation with a good friend about writing and how God helps us Step Into the Light. It was an interview I had prayed about, and Patti had prayed with me before we went on the show, yet the words came spilling out.

Afterwards I prayed against the nightmares that threatened to come back, and prayed that only good would come of this interview. And the God of all grace and mercy would not allow fear to take a place in my heart again. He reminded me of who I am in Christ Jesus, and that He had already done the healing long ago.

The Bible says that "God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28), and He has proved it faithfully. Instead of reliving the trauma and thinking "what if," or instead of fretting about the outcome of the interview, I thought of how God is in it and uses it all. And we know that with Him it can only be for good.

By the way, even though I had that solemn moment on the show, Patti and I had a great time together! You can hear the Step Into the Light podcast here.   

Have you seen God use the “unusable” moments in your life?

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Patti Shene From SE Colorado At 1/27/2022 5:34:39 PM

Jerolyn, I'm so glad we were able to record the interview and that you felt comfortable sharing. I know my listeners will be blessed! Thank you and may God continue to heal you as you recover from past trauma.

Reply by: Jerolyn Lockhart

It was an honor to be on your show, Patti! God is leading, and healing, in unexpected ways. Nothing is wasted with Him!


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